Damghan University Press is committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and integrity. Our commitment is rooted in the principles of transparency, accountability, and fairness, ensuring the trustworthiness of the scholarly contributions we disseminate. We adhere to ethical guidelines that promote responsible and ethical research practices, fostering a scholarly community that values integrity and rigor.

Key Principles:

    1. Authorship Integrity:
        Authorship credit is granted to individuals who have made significant contributions to the conception, design, execution, or interpretation of the research.
        All listed authors are expected to have participated actively in the research process and share responsibility for the content of the publication.

    2. Originality and Plagiarism:
        Submissions must be original works, and authors are responsible for ensuring that their work has not been published elsewhere.
        Plagiarism, in any form, is strictly prohibited. All submissions undergo thorough checks to detect and address any instances of plagiarism.

    3. Peer Review Process:
        All submitted manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer-review process by experts in the respective field.
        Peer reviewers evaluate submissions objectively and provide constructive feedback, contributing to the improvement and quality of published works.

    4. Conflict of Interest:
        Authors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence the research, its interpretation, or the decision to publish.
        Editors and reviewers must recuse themselves from the evaluation process if they have conflicts of interest with the author(s) or content of the manuscript.

    5. Data and Image Integrity:
        Data and images presented in manuscripts must be accurate and authentic. Fabrication, falsification, or manipulation of data is considered unethical.
        Proper citation and permission must be obtained for the use of images or content not original to the manuscript.

    6. Ethical Treatment of Subjects:
        Research involving human subjects or animals must adhere to ethical standards and regulations. Authors must provide evidence of ethical approval where applicable.
        Informed consent must be obtained from human subjects, and animal research must comply with relevant ethical guidelines.

    7. Corrections and Retractions:
        Errors or inaccuracies discovered post-publication will be addressed promptly through corrections or retractions, as appropriate.
        Transparency and honesty are maintained in communicating any corrections to the scholarly community.

    8. Editorial Independence:
        Editorial decisions are based on the merit of the work and are not influenced by personal, financial, or other conflicts of interest.
        Editorial independence is crucial in ensuring fair and unbiased evaluation and publication processes.

Reporting Violations:
Authors, reviewers, or readers who suspect ethical violations are encouraged to report concerns to our editorial office at publisher@du.ac.ir. All reports will be handled with confidentiality, and appropriate actions will be taken to address any identified issues.

Damghan University Press is dedicated to fostering an ethical publishing environment, promoting the responsible conduct of research, and contributing to the advancement of knowledge with integrity and transparency.