Fostering Scientific Excellence at Damghan University Press

At Damghan University Press, we wholeheartedly embrace the vibrant community of researchers and the rich culture of science. As a not-for-profit organization driven by a mission to advance knowledge, we proudly lend our support to the research community through various sponsorships and awards. Our commitment is rooted in nurturing the present and future generations of scientific leaders, ensuring they are well-prepared and inspired to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Sponsorships: Nurturing Collaborations for Impact

In collaboration with our affiliated societies and like-minded organizations, we actively engage in sponsorships that strengthen the integrity and impact of scholarly research. By sponsoring conferences and events, we connect with scientists, stakeholders, and users of scientific research. Our sponsorships align with the scope of our journals and corporate strategic priorities, with careful consideration given to the event's audience and marketing activities.

Awards: Recognizing Excellence in Scientific Contributions

Damghan University Press takes pride in offering a range of awards that celebrate the remarkable contributions of the global research community. These awards span diverse categories, acknowledging achievements in knowledge translation, science communication, editorial leadership, research careers, and overall research impact. 

Empowering Researchers: Uniting in Excellence

We believe in empowering researchers together, fostering an environment where collaboration and recognition thrive. To explore the specific awards associated with each journal, please visit the respective journal's homepage.

Join Us in the Pursuit of Excellence

For more information on sponsorships and awards, we invite you to reach out to us with your inquiries via email at Let's embark on a journey of scientific excellence and innovation together.